Wildlife in 17 Pond

17 pond has been the home of many different species of wildlife.  During the construction project the pond was constructed to strict specifications to provide different habits for wildlife.  As I drive by several times a day, it is obvious that we have succeeded with our original intensions.  Here is a post from last year that talks about the wildlife last year: 17 Pond Is Getting Crowded.  Here is a picture I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to get:

A video of the muskrat is on the YouTube account as well, HERE.  We do have another bird that we have been watching this week, and are excited to see it on the property.  I am not an Ornithologist, but from the limited research I have done, it is not common to see it around here.  We do have some video of it, but are trying to get more.  When we have one put together we will post it here.
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