Turf Scouting Report, September 10th

Sept. 10, 2010 Scouting Report
Beautiful Weather: We smile, Christmas early?, Sub-70 soils, Rapid recovery, Few Issues, Dollar spot and white grubs, Tim promotes, and Nick says, "Powered by Google"

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - DSettle@cdga.org
Smiling! "Turned the corner." One superintendent saw it that way this week. Another sent a weekend email and said "Merry Christmas" instead of Happy Labor Day. It was finally over - a long, hot summer. In a week, rapid turfgrass recovery occurred and soil temperatures again read sub-70 degrees. In a week, we reflected on a year that taught us lessons. Those lessons, if heeded correctly, will allow change ... golf course and our abilities can now improve. Quickly the mood changes of those whose lives are tied to another. Ours is tied to one who's first name begins with P. Not Peter, not Paul. Not even a really good golfer whose name begins with P like Petrovic or Poulter (playing the BMW Championship golf tournament across the street). Our friend's first name is "Plant". Usually he wears green colors. Maybe he's Irish? We cannot know. Plant cannot talk. He can smile. What does that look like? Deep roots and Dark green.

If you take care of a golf course, you're smiling. If you take care of a home lawn, you're smiling. If you are taking care of a schoolyard maybe you're NOT smiling (kids have begun to choose the ultimate 'short cut' ...goat trails have begun). Anyhow, we are all happy this week except for that grounds superintendent for USD 329. Deep roots and dark green- the turf is smiling (again).

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Have a good weekend and smile?

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