New Trees Planted

All of the trees were planted on Monday with no problems.  As the trucks brought the trees, the trees were dropped into this pod so the truck could return to the nursery to pick up another.

This truck brought 30 arborvitaes that will be places along the fence by 3 green.

The first truck is dropping a tree into the pod then returned to the nursery to pick up the next tree.  There were 5 trees planted with the 90" tree spade.

This is the truck that transported the trees onto the course.  In this picture the front tires are being changed to wider tires for driving on the course.  The wider tires allowed the truck to drive on the course with minimal damage.

The truck is removing a plug for a tree.

After dropping the plug, the truck is picking up the tree from the pod.

Cutting the hole for the elm on the right side of 8 fairway.

There were 5 pine trees delivered and planted also on Monday.

These are the 30 arborvitaes ready to be planted.

First arborvitae planted along the fence  near 1 green.

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