A Little More Sod Work

We have started sodding a few more areas throughout the course.  Most of these areas are small spots that we were hoping would heal on their own.  Though some of the areas did heal, we were not satisfied with the recovery of others.  These areas include spots on bunker faces and near cart paths.  A few characteristics are shared by these areas, and we believe one or more of these resulted in damage.  One characteristic is they are near cart paths or bunkers resulting in much higher temperatures from the heat radiating off of the asphalt or sand.  Another characteristic is that most are on south facing slopes, also adding to the temperature extreme.

We also know some of the areas suffered from chinch bug damage.  One large area that we will be sodding is the face of the bunker on the right side of 15 fairway.  We know the damage cause to this bunker was from chinch bugs (15 bunker chinch bug damage post).

We began preparing these areas for sod on Monday.  These areas should have sod on them by Thursday depending on what the rain wants to do.
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