Sod Work

Last week we began sod work on the fairways and greens to repair the larger areas of damaged turf.  Our overseeding of the fairways is completed and we have germination of the seed that was applied.  We are sodding the larger areas of damaged turf to expedite the recovery process.  Most of the fairway sod work is completed at this point.  This week we have our sights set on the largest areas of damaged turf which are located along the floodway in 2 fairway and 9 fairway, and the larger areas in 5 fairway.

Our resident expert on green sod, Conny, work on a few of the areas on greens last week.  All of the areas that will be sodded on the greens are completed.

We expect to have the fairway sod work done this week.  Once those areas are completed we have a few areas on the roughs that we will begin work on.  The areas in the rough are not extensive, but include the spots where tree stumps were ground earlier this year, and a few other isolated spots.
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