New Trees

The Tuesday we took a trip up Gro Horticultural Enterprises, Inc. to see their nurseries.  Gro Horticultural did the tree transplanting work during the renovation project and has continued to consult for us on many of our trees.  Gro Horticultural specializes in transplanting large trees with 90 inch or 100 inch tree spades.  This fall we will be planting a few new trees to replace ones that have fallen this past year and to establish a new tree in locations where existing trees are declining.

Gro Horticultural visited about a month ago to look at the locations where we wanted to plant trees and gave recommendations about what to plant.  Our trip Tuesday mainly involved see their nurseries, but while we were there we tagged a few of the trees that we will be getting this fall.

This is one of the trees that we tagged.  This is a "Triumph" Elm that will be planted on the right side of the 8th fairway near the first fairway bunker on the right.

This is a "State Street" Maple that will be planted between the the 8th and 12th fairway.

This is on of the "Autumn Fantasy" Maples that will be planted on the left side of nine fairway.

We are planning to get these trees planted by the end of September as recommended by Gro Horticultural.  They will bring the to the property with a 90 inch tree spade with special tires that can be used on the golf course.
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