Friday Morning Rain

The course received 1.48 inches of rain late Thursday evening.  It came down very quickly and washed out most of the bunkers.  Water was across the floodway, but doesn't appear to have damaged the seed that has been put down.

When rain washes out our bunkers it requires lots of work to get them back into playing shape.  We had a large crew working in the bunkers on Friday morning.  The work requires removing debris that may have washed in from the surrounding turf.  This debris will cause a dirty look in the bunkers as well as inhibiting drainage over time if it is not removed.  Once the debris is piled and removed, the sand need to be moved back up the slopes and the sand depth checked throughout the bunker surface.

After the work is done, it is raked and ready for play.

A part of the sod work that was started on Thursday was not completed on Friday due to the rain and the wet soil conditions.  This sod work has since been completed.  If you saw this bare ground on Friday, that is the reason for it.
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