Double-Crested Cormorant In 17 Pond

A month ago we were regularly seeing a pair of Cormorants in the pond on 17.  One day we saw 2 pairs hanging out in the pond.  These birds likely stopped of during their migration north.  We have not seen them around lately.  The Cormorant is fun to watch in the pond.  It is a diver, and I was able to catch a video of it diving.  The feathers on Cormorants are different from ducks, in that they do not repel water.  This picture on the left shows the Cormorant raising out of the water and flapping its wings to dry them off before it starts to fly.

This video shows the pair of Cormorants in the pond, and you can watch one of them dive.  You can also see the blue Heron at 0:20, and the Snow Egret fly through at 0:40.

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