Course Is Recovering

The club has played host to several events over the last 5 days.  We were fortunate that the thunderstorms late last week did not prevent any of the events from being postponed, however the rains that came with them have left evidence of the soggy soils they created.  Carts were allowed on the course to better accommodate the large amount of play and a few areas have been damaged from the cart traffic.  These areas have been roped off, and now that the soil has dried, were not as bad as we had originally thought.  We thought some sod work was going to be necessary, but we will now apply supplemental fertilizer to these areas to aid with recovery.

Monday the course played host to an annual outing that is perennially the busiest day of the year.  This has resulted in the divots and ballmarks that come with normal play.  Another member event yesterday, along with member play has added to the divots and ballmarks.  Check the June Divot Digest for more information on ball marks and ball mark repair from yesterday's post.

Nothing lasting will come of these events, however the short-term will show evidence of the heavier than normal play.
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