Turf Scouting Report, June 17th

Summer Starts Next Week: Temperatures Become Normal, Signs of Fairy Ring, High Soil Moisture Impacts Weather, Peter Likes Bluegrass Cadillacs, and Tim Says Kingpin, CY-2, and Memorial 

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - DSettle@cdga.org 

We've had a pretty good week as far as turfgrass health goes. A large rain event occurred on Wednesday and totals across Chicago's south suburbs were more than we needed (again). The 1.6 inch deluge in Lemont made me worry a bit, but the rest of the week we continued a drying trend. I had forgotten to keep my world in perspective and Chicago's northsiders were without last week's floods. Unlike 'saturated us' they had begun to experience drought stress. How about other parts of the country? Another season of weird weather patterns remains the norm. Texas and Kansas are seeing record heat accompanied with volitile storms. The upper Midwest continues to experience periodic flooding and temperatures haven't been normal until this week. 

What else? We've begun to experience low humidity levels (30-50%) each afternoon - a new pattern as we segway into summer. Midday wilt stress has begun to impact golf green surfaces, especially those that are predominantly Poa annua. Anthracnose basal stem rot may soon be in our neighborhood because wilt is the major trigger. Other than that, Japanese tree lilacs are in full white bloom on every street corner. Summer officially begins next Tuesday and we're ready. 

Click here to view the June 17, 2011 Scouting Report. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy Father's Day. 

Derek Settle, PhD 
Director of Turfgrass Program 
Weather Blog 

Timothy A. Sibicky, MS 
Manager of Turfgrass Research 
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