Setting Up For Fireworks

As one would expect, the biggest event the club hosts each year does require an extraordinary amount of work by the clubhouse staff and the green department.  Preparations start well before the event takes place, and the tear down last a few days after the event is over.

The earliest efforts the club makes are with the Naperville Fire Department and the pyrotechnicians to receive the appropriate documentation and permits for the fireworks.  But, the bulk of the efforts start after the driving range is closed on Sunday morning.  Several pieces of rented equipment show up during the week that need to get put in place on Sunday morning.

Dumpster getting unloaded for all the extra garbage the accumulates when you host a party for 1000 people.

A refrigerated trailer is brought in for the beverages during the event.  It arrives a couple of days so the beer and beverages can be loaded and chilled before the event starts.

The helicopter landing area is roped and painted.

The trees and bushes around the driving range are treated for mosquitos on Sat. and Sun. mornings.

Most of the tables and chairs are ready to be put into place on Sun. morning.  The red flags are marking irrigation heads on the driving range tee.  These are marked to ensure tent stakes are not driven through irrigation heads or lines.

The fireworks beginning to be set up on Sunday morning.

Tents being set up on the driving range tee.

The helicopter.

An eager crowd...

and the fireworks staged...
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