Almost Dodged The Storm

We were able to sidestep the brunt of the storm, but the evidence of it was still present on the course.  1 small tree was lost, one large branch (pictured left, between 12 & 13 fairway), and lots of small branches and debris.  We also received 0.80 inches from the storm and another 0.15 inches through the day today.  We were able to make progress on the cleanup today.  Most of the smaller debris has been cleaned from the course.  We plan to get the larger debris cleaned up tomorrow.

This is the tree that was lost last night.  A small hawthorn between 2 & 9 fairway.

A fuzzy picture, but another branch down.

We were fortunate to have not had any disruption to play through this.  Other courses in the area were not as fortunate.  Through mid-afternoon, some other courses were still without power and/or cleaning up more than 20 trees that were lost.
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