Some Dry Weather Forecasted

We finally have some dry weather in the forecast over the next few days.  If you have asked me how things were going on the course lately, it is a good chance I mentioned we could use some dry weather.  The soil has been near saturation for sometime now due to the regular rain intervals we have had.  The wet soil is fine for brief periods, but extended time periods with wet soil is not good for the turf.  Turfgrass roots need oxygen for proper growth, and a large amount of moisture in the soil displaces the oxygen from the soil.  While playing recently, you may have noticed mushrooms in the roughs and fairways.  This is a good sign that the soil is too wet.

This is another good sign of wet conditions.  This is called slime mold.  It has no adverse effects on the turf.

A great picture of a suspected slime mold last year. Click to enlarge the picture for a better view.

Aside from problems that can occur to the growing environment from soil being wet, playing conditions are not as ideal when the course is wet.  Balls can plug in the fairways and cart traffic can cause some damage.  Have a firm, stable surface is much better for the playability of the course.
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